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Andrew heavy industry co., LTD is located in jiangsu province in jiangsuJiangyin city。The companyJiangyin predecessor Andrew letter heavy industry co., LTD,Was established2006Years9Month,Due to development needs in the company2016Years9Month named Andrew heavy industry co., LTD in jiangsu province。After several years development,From a single trade type enterprise transformation for import trade and the integration of the integrated enterprise。Is committed to introducing the European high quality industrial products,In the Chinese market、Sales、Management and service work。Through the establishment of Italy、The German branch,Continuously optimize and improve the product、Services and supply chain system。For China's industrial upgrading、Transformation and modernization make its own contribution。

    As the Italian company、Multiple brand products in China general agent in Germany,The service sector:Aeronautics and astronautics、Shipbuilding、High-speed rail、Energy、Iron and steel、Electric power、Chemical industry、Machinery、A car、Fluid、Automatic control, etc。

    Company strict operating system,Organization structure is clear,A clear division of responsibilities。“Andrew letter”People hope that through unremitting efforts,With good faith、Pragmatic、Efficient、The professional work style,Using solid action to the first-class products and best service dedicated to the customer。

    Andrew letter sincere hope and domestic counterparts、Agent withHand the cooperation,Develop the Chinese market together

Andrew heavy industries co., LTD in jiangsu
The phone:0510-86799978/86199979

The mailbox:info@andrewen.com
WeChat ID:andrewen88